PRESS RELEASE – July 24, 2017

On July 1, 2017, Mr. Chuck Winkler took over the helm as the Superintendent for Fluvanna County Public Schools. As he began his new role, he worked with the administrative team to determine how to best structure the School Board Office staff to best serve the School Division. Listed below are the new roles and responsibilities for staff:

The Assistant Superintendent, Director of Finance, and Director of Student Services positions have been eliminated.

Brenda Gilliam will serve as the Executive Director for Instruction and Finance. Ms. Gilliam’s responsibilities will include the division’s instructional program, Career and Technical Education, Gifted Education, and the school division’s finances.

Don Stribling will serve as the Executive Director for Student Services, Operations, and Human Resources. Mr. Stribling will also assume the direction of Project RETURN, a regional alternative program grant that serves 20 school divisions across the state.

Jamie Mathieson, Director of Testing and Accountability will continue to work with the division’s testing services and the development of state accountability reports. In addition to these responsibilities, he will oversee the division’s alternative education program at Abrams Academy.

Katrina Lee will continue in her role as the Director of Special Education. Liz Mostrag will serve as the secretary for Special Education.

Jill Dahl, Director of Elementary Instruction and Federal Programs will provide oversight to the K-7 instructional program and management all of the school division’s federal programs.

Brandi Critzer will continue in her role as secretary to the Superintendent and Clerk of the School Board.

Amy Haislip-Shelley is the division’s Licensure Specialist. Ms. Haislip-Shelley coordinates licensure applications and assists staff with the licensure renewal process. She also serves as an assistant to Mr. Stribling.

The Finance Office staff has also been restructured roles and responsibilities for 2017-18 are listed below:

Amanda Settle, Budget Analyst

Lizzy Garrison, Accounts Payable

Kandy Kovaleski, Payroll and Accounts Payable for Cafeteria, Extended Education, and PREP

Jamie Stafford, Payroll for the Division

Gena Sisson is the School Board Office receptionist and is the first face visitors see when entering the office.

It is hoped by making these changes, the school division will be able to reduce administrative costs while continuing to provide high-quality support to the division’s stakeholders.

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