Christopher Mazella

Christopher Mazella

PRESS RELEASE – August 2, 2019

At the regularly scheduled Fluvanna County School Board Meeting on Wednesday, July 11th, 2019, Fluvanna County School Board unanimously approved the appointment of Chris Mazella as the new Fluvanna Middle School (FMS) Assistant Principal. The division and FMS organized a school-based panel of team leaders which received 16 applications and conducted 16 interviews before selecting Mr. Mazella.

“I am truly excited about Mr. Mazella’s transition as the Fluvanna Middle School Assistant Principal. Chris brings a solid foundation of both academic and leadership experiences to this position. He will be a wonderful asset to both Fluvanna Middle School, our division, and the community as a whole. I know that Mr. Mazella will continue to help us grow and move forward together for all of our students,” stated Dr. Tenia, FMS Principal.

Mr. Mazella comes to Fluvanna from Richmond City Public Schools with seven years in education; most recently, as a history teacher and special education teacher at Albert Hill Middle School. Prior to working at Albert Hill, he served as a history teacher and special education teacher at Thompson Middle School in the City of Richmond. He grew up near Buffalo, NY, and attended Keuka College for both his undergraduate (2011) and masters (2012) degrees. He completed his graduate certificate in Educational Leadership at the University of Richmond in 2018.

Mr. Mazella has been married to Emily Bowles, for two years. They have a nine month old golden-doodle puppy named Turner. Mr. Mazella is an avid fan of both the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.
“I am truly honored to serve as the new Assistant Principal at Fluvanna Middle School. I look forward to working with staff, students, and the community to reach every student’s potential and create lasting relationships with them,” stated Mr. Mazella.

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