FCPS Instructional Plans/Schedules


1.  What are the FCPS instructional plans for the year?

FCPS has been working to develop our PreK-12 Instructional Plans while adhering to multiple guidance documents.  Students and families will have two options to choose from, Option 1, the Hybrid Learning Plan, and Option 2, the Virtual Learning Plan.  All students PreK-12 will be assigned a Chromebook to use for the year for instructional purposes, regardless of the option they choose.

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2.  What will school hours be for the Hybrid Learning Plan?

Regular operating hours will remain during in-person school operations.  

West Central Primary               Central Elementary                  Carysbrook Elementary

Fluvanna Middle School           Fluvanna High School

3.  What does Option 1, the Hybrid Learning Plan, look like?

Hybrid learning will involve two days of in-person instruction and three days of at-home learning.

  • Unlike this past Spring, this work will be monitored by the teacher and graded.
  • Students will have a combination of assignments/materials to continue learning that will provide independent practice.  These assignments will consist of both more “traditional” materials the teachers send home with the students, as well as other content that can be accessed on their Chromebooks either on the internet or through a district-provided flash drive.   
  • Students will have the flexibility with at-home learning to work on the given assignments at their own pace to best accommodate individual family schedules.

4.  What happens if our family would need a different schedule than what we are supposed to follow? For example, our last name is Smith so we should be on the B schedule, but we need the A schedule for child care reasons?  

Please contact your child’s building principal to request a schedule change.

5.  What are the expectations on Wednesdays?

All students have at home learning on Wednesdays.  They are designed to be student support days.  Teachers will hold office hours, touch base with families, collaborate with colleagues, and plan for both virtual and in-person instruction.

6.  With the Hybrid model, what will happen for the students when we have a day off during the week? (i.e, holidays, weather-related closings, etc.)

The weekly schedule will remain the same, regardless if a day is missed.

7.  How soon can we get back to in-person instruction 5 days a week?

We will continue to monitor the situation weekly, with the goal to bring all of our students back full time as soon as safely possible.

8.  What does Option 2, Virtual Learning, look like?

  • Students will be able to participate in direct and indirect instruction virtually with teachers using Google Classroom, Canvas, Google Meet, and/or Zoom as the platforms.  Additional technology tools to assist with instructional delivery and student engagement will vary by grade span (i.e. SeeSaw K-1, Nearpod 2-4, and PearDeck for Middle and High School).
  • There will be a combination of opportunities for the student to participate “live” with the teacher and classmates at scheduled times throughout the week, as well as self-paced lessons the student can access on their own.
  • The virtual option will also include self-paced lessons the student can access on their own, with teacher check-ins and due dates of assignments throughout the week. 
  • There will be independent assignments (readings, powerpoints, videos, etc.) for students to prepare for online “classes”, as well as for independent practice. 
  • There will be virtual teacher office hours and additional support will be provided as appropriate.

9.  If my child chooses Option 2, the Virtual Learning Plan, when will they be assigned a Chromebook/how will they get their Chromebook?

For students choosing Option 2 virtual learning, there will be a Chromebook pickup announced at a later date.

10.  Can my child choose Option 2, the Virtual Learning Plan, and still participate in extracurricular activities (i.e. band, athletics)?  


11.  Will students and families have the option for in-school learning (the Hybrid Learning Plan option), if, after the initial 9 weeks, they decide that virtual is not working for them?  What if this happens earlier than the 9-week mark?

Please contact your child’s building principal to discuss any needed changes to your child’s learning plan.

12.  Will students and families be able to continue with Option 2, the Virtual Learning Plan, even if the Governor declares Phase 4?   

Yes, however for now we can only commit to this being an option for the first semester.

13.  Additional information about the options: 

  • We do not expect a student to be in front of a screen continuously for six hours a day.
  • We are working on opportunities and a structure to provide electives to students. 
  • At this time, individual teachers will conduct both in-person and virtual classes in the majority of settings.
  • This situation is fluid and could change and will need to be adjusted based on updated information. 

14.  Where can I find the FCPS Instruction Plan?

The FCPS instruction plan will be available on our website 15 days prior to the start of the school year.