Fluvanna County Public Schools Department of Food Services


What is the #VABREAKFAST Challenge?

From October 1 through December 31, 2018, schools across the Commonwealth will compete for prizes and recognition by increasing participation in their school breakfast program.  As more kids participate in school breakfast, chances for winning will grow! School divisions of similar enrollment size compete against each other.  Winners will be named in the Spring of 2019.

We are pleased that your child has eaten with us in the school cafeteria this year. If your child has a past due balance, we ask that you make a payment as soon as possible or contact Food Services to make payment arrangements.

We offer several different ways to pay for your child’s meals.

1. Pay the cashier for meals using check or cash. If you prefer to pay by check, please send the check to the Cafeteria Manager at your child’s school. Please include your child’s name and ID# on the check. (Listed above)

2. You may track your child’s spending daily and make payments to your child’s meal account at www.MySchoolBucks.com. We encourage you to create an account.

MySchoolBucks Online Cafeteria Payment System