Fluvanna County Public Schools Department of Food Services


School Lunch Hero Day


WHEREAS nutritious meals at school are an essential part of the school day; and
WHEREAS the Food Service staff are committed to providing healthful, nutritious meals to the FCPS children; and
WHEREAS the man and women who prepare and serve school meals help nurture our children through their daily interaction and support; and
WHEREAS the day of Friday, May 3, 2019 is School Lunch Hero Day
NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that Fluvanna County Public Schools expresses its deep appreciation to these valuable employees.

Central Elementary
Rose Denby, Manager
Linda Critzer
Brittany Harris*
Margaret Hopkins*
Mary Jones
Debbie Lewis*
Kathy Morris
Pam West

Carysbrook Elementary
Ashley Lenherr, Manager
Charles Bates
Tammy Besecker
Lynn Coppola
Annie Hill
Hazel Searcy

Fluvanna Middle School
Sheila Davis, Manager
Rose Bates
Charity Beach
Mary Johnson
Lisa Melton
Rebecca Proffitt

Fluvanna High School
Sheri Casero, Manager
Belinda Brown
Holly Brown
Yuvonne Chisholm*
Daisy Crute
Stephanie Mansfield*
Deborah Martin
Heather Raynes
Amanda Sipe
Sharon Watkins
Susan Wooton

Ethel Wagner, FSO Manager
Gwendolyn Jones, Supervisor

We are pleased that your child has eaten with us in the school cafeteria this year. If your child has a past due balance, we ask that you make a payment as soon as possible or contact Food Services to make payment arrangements.

We offer several different ways to pay for your child’s meals.

1. Pay the cashier for meals using check or cash. If you prefer to pay by check, please send the check to the Cafeteria Manager at your child’s school. Please include your child’s name and ID# on the check. (Listed above)

2. You may track your child’s spending daily and make payments to your child’s meal account at www.MySchoolBucks.com. We encourage you to create an account.

MySchoolBucks Online Cafeteria Payment System