Child Find

Fluvanna County Public Schools is obligated to look for students in need of special education services. We provide special services to students ages two through twenty-one inclusive, who reside within Fluvanna County.

If you have concerns about your preschool age child not meeting developmental milestones, please contact us to discuss the preschool program options available. Within ten (10) days of a referral, a screening will be initiated.

Screenings may include a developmental screening instrument, parent/caregiver interview, and observations of child. It may also include hearing, speech/language, and vision screenings as appropriate. Students who do not meet screening criteria will be referred by the Director of StudentServices for a complete formal evaluation.

Any child, ages 2 to 21 inclusive, not enrolled in public school and who is suspected of having a disability shall be referred to the Director of Student Services who will initiate the eligibility process for Special Education. Should the child then be determined eligible for special education services, an appropriate program and placement consistent with his IEP or Service Plan (if in private school or Home Schooled) will be made.

Typical Developmental Milestones

Most 2 year olds:

  • Put 2 – 3 words together
  • Knows his/her first name
  • Says “no” frequently to adults
  • Feeds self with some spilling

Most 3 year olds:

  • Demonstrate more independence in daily routines by untying shoes, removing clothing, and trying to use utensils
  • Use some 3 – 4 word sentences
  • Enjoy scribbling and are beginning to draw simple people
  • Hold books correctly and turn pages one at a time

Most 4 year olds:

  • Are developing an imagination
  • May have difficulty sharing
  • Need with help on fasteners and brushing their teeth
  • Demonstrate curiosity by asking questions
  • Move quickly from one activity to the next

For more information contact:

Jennifer Neale Valentine 
Director of Special Education 
Phone: 434-589-8208