Special Education Timelines

General Screening:


  • Through grade three, all children must be screened in areas of vision, hearing, speech, voice, language, fine and gross motor skills within 60 days* of initial enrollment.
  • In grades seven and ten, all children must be screened in areas of vision and hearing.
  • In grades five through ten, must be provided information on scoliosis screening.


Referral of Individual student:

3 days*

A decision to evaluate, refer to the school based intervention team, or refuse evaluation must be made by administrator or special education designee

Screening – Individual Student:

10 days*

  • Action by Committee within l0 days of referral
  • Explore and recommend regular education alternatives appropriate to situation
  • Refer to School Based Intervention Team for assistance

Refer to special education administrator when disability suspected.

Formal Assessment Initiated :

5 days* Following parent consent

  • Upon written referral by school based intervention team to special education administrator; or,
    Parent referral to special education

Eligibility Determined:

Within 65 business days of referral

IEP Development:

Within 30 days (calendar)

  • Within 30 calendar days of determination of eligibility
  • Placement affected as soon as possible upon completion of IEP


  • Upon parent or teacher request

Triennial Review (May be a Review of Existing Data-IF parents and staff agree no new data is needed for continuation of special education services)

*NOTE: Business days (unless stated otherwise)


At a minimum, a copy of the procedural safeguards document must be given to parents upon:

  • Initial referral for evaluation
  • Once a year thereafter
  • Receipt of a request for a due process hearing; and
  • Notification of a decision to take disciplinary action