Bayley Leyshon
Fluvanna County High School Valedictorian for the Class of 2019

PRESS RELEASE – May 24, 2019

Parents:  Randy Leyshon and Anne-Marie Parrish

Destination after High School: College of William and Mary

Plan of Study:  English                        

Dual Enrollment/AP Credits: 29 with 3 pending

Activities and Achievements:

  • President of Alliance Club
  • Clubs: BETA, Political Awareness Club (PAC) member,
  • Theatre (participation in five full length productions and membership in the International Thespian Society),
  • Literary Magazine Club member
  • Yearbook- Copy Editor of 2018-2019
  • Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School
  • Early College Scholars graduate
  • Biliteracy Seal in Spanish
  • Bragg scholarship- $40,000
  • 4-H camp- Team Leader
  • National Merit Scholar SAT score of 1500
  • Academic Team Captain- Battle of the Brains


Volunteer Work: I completed more than fifteen hours of an internship with Side By Side and Mary Sullivan, an organization that strives to protect and uplift members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially LGBTQ+ youth. I also completed more than twenty hours of community service with the FCHS Alliance Club as an additional part of my BRVGS Senior Research Project.

I attended more than six hours of phone banks advocating for a local candidate for Congress during the 2018 election cycle. I also worked the polls in Fluvanna on Election Day in 2018.

I participated in the March For Our Lives in 2018

Why did you choose William and Mary?

My older sister also attends William and Mary, and they had a lot to offer me as a Monroe Scholar and in terms of continuing my extracurricular interests. I love the culture at William and Mary, and I think I will easily be able to find a place to leave my mark.

What will you remember most about being a Fluco?

I will most remember all of the amazing experiences I have had as a Fluco and all the meaningful changes I have been able to make while in Fluvanna. Specifically, I will remember the Alliance Club’s achievement of our rainbow Fluco F symbol this year.

Who are some of the people that you would like to thank?

I would like to thank my parents, my older sister, my younger brother, and all the teachers that have helped me get to where I am today. I would specifically like to thank Ms. Osani for feeding my huge appetite for books in sixth grade, Mr. Edgerton for seeing the potential I had and pushing me to be my best through my past five years in theatre, and Mrs. Esch for seeing me through every step of my senior year.

What advice would you give to rising 8th Graders?

I would tell rising 8th graders not to let anyone put them down or discount them for being who they are. Our individuality is what makes us all important, and I would encourage them to pursue their passions and interests. I also would like to tell rising 8th graders to spend time with those that uplift them and value their presence. Always take care of yourself first.

What is something humorous that happened while you were in school?

In ninth grade, my friends and I were discussing what we would eat to theoretically survive in the woods, and when pinecones came up as a suggestion I said, “I can’t eat pinecones – I have braces.” For the past four years, that has been my favorite inside joke within my friend group, and we still bring it up constantly.

What are your best memories of school?

My best memories of school are every performance I have acted in with the theatre department, every ACE match I have attended with my teammates, and all the ways I have seen my closest friends grow and succeed in their pursuits.

What is a Fluco?

A true Fluco is someone who stands up for those who are being put down. A Fluco celebrates differences and individuality while constantly pursuing progress. Though a Fluco may move on to larger endeavors, a Fluco always remembers their roots and those who helped them get to where they are today.

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