The FMS counseling department would like to share procedures for selecting courses for the coming school year.  Fifth, Six and Seventh grade students who have access to the internet will find their schedule request forms and teacher’s aide applications in their school counselor’s google classroom.

To access the google classrooms students use their fluco email to access their google account, go to google classroom and enter their current school counselor’s classroom.  If they are not already a member they should click the + in the upper right hand corner, select “join a class” and enter the appropriate code below.  Once in the classroom students will find the Schedule Request assignment. 

Students who do not have access to the internet will find a schedule request form and teacher’s aide application in the packet of educational resources prepared for pick up at FCHS.  Families may also find copies of the form at the FMS Counseling Program website under Scheduling Information.  Special note to 6th graders:  The Student Government Association (SGA) applications are currently only available in google classroom.  If you would like to apply for SGA but can’t access google classroom contact Mrs. Byam at or 434-510-1000 ext 1639 so that she can get a paper application to you.

Mr. Carter’s current 5th graders “Grade 5” google classroom code: hdqemrt

Mrs. Byam’s current 6th grade “19-20 6th Grade” google classroom code: 4ynwo7z

Mrs. Smith’s current 7th grade “Grade 7 2019-20 Counseling Program” google classroom code: h3viehy

Please don’t hesitate to contact your grade level school counselor if you have any difficulties accessing google classroom.

Mr. Carter, 5th grade school counselor,

Mrs. Byam, 6th grade school counselor,

Mrs. Smith, 7th grade school counselor,

Scheduling Information Webpage