Alexander Williams

Alexander Nicholas Williams

PRESS RELEASE – June 2, 2020

Parents:  Jonathan and Michelle Williams

Destination after High School: University of Virginia

Plan of Study: Computer Science/Cybersecurity and Data Science                                

Dual Enrollment/AP Credits: 34 Credits, 9 Pending

Activities and Achievements:

  • Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School
  • Early College Scholars graduate
  • AP Scholar
  • Golf Team
  • Beta Club
  • Political Action Committee
  • Fluco Club
  • Lacrosse
  • Interact Club
  • Virginia Boys State

Volunteer Work:  

  • District Council of Youth Ministries
  • Fluvanna County Middle School Boy’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach
  • Hands on Fluvanna
  • Fluvanna County Fair volunteer through the Fluvanna Lacrosse Club
  • Instructed students at Carysbrook Elementary School about internet safety

Work Experience:

  • W. Thomas, Inc.
  • Helix Computer Systems Intern
  • Software and Website Assistant for Canine Concierge
  • Jefferson Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Why did you choose the University of Virginia?

Being raised less than thirty minutes from one of the most prestigious public universities in the world has been such a blessing. Since I was a child, I have always been a passionate supporter of the University of Virginia athletic programs as I typically spent my weekends in front of the television watching both the UVa basketball and football games. However, more recently I began to fall in love with the University’s grounds as I weighed my potential options in deciding where to continue my educational studies. Between playing lacrosse at Carr Park with my friends, completing BRVGS projects in the Alderman Library, walking around campus with my parents, attending sporting events, and exploring the endless opportunities students at the University are offered, I decided it would be an honor to pursue my higher educational studies at the University of Virginia.

What will you remember most about being a Fluco?

Although I am certain a decent percentage of the students in the high school are not familiar with what a “Fluco” represents, the idea of “one big Fluco family” will remain a  part of me for years to come as a proud alumnus. Unlike many other school systems across Virginia, Fluvanna County has only one high school and I believe it serves as beneficial since a large majority of the students here grow up together. My closest group of friends I have known since pre-school and early middle school, which I believe, is an opportunity that those in larger school systems will not get to experience

Who are some of the people that you would like to thank?

As cliché as it may sound, I truly want to thank my parents, grandparents, and other immediate family members who have told me since I was a young child that I have the potential to accomplish any and all of my dreams if I truly exhibit the motivation and determination it requires. In addition, my friends have most definitely played a significant role in my high school career. They served as motivator to me as I continued to increase expectations of myself.  Finally, my teachers have supported me whenever I needed academic assistance or simply encouragement, particularly Ms. Esch and Ms. Stevens.

What advice would you give to rising 8th  Graders?

My most important piece of advice for the rising 8th  graders is that you only experience high school from the driver’s seat once. Do not waste your last few years of school trying to be “cool” or “the popular kid.” Do not worry what others think of you because at the end of the day, their opinions are irrelevant. Instead, maybe spend a weekend once a month or so volunteering in the community, apply for a part-time job, join a club or two at school, or maybe pursue a sport that has always interested you. After you graduate high school, your hard work and determination, along with the strong relationships you have developed, will prove to be much more effective than how popular you were. Most importantly, do not procrastinate, as will always come back around eventually.

What is something humorous that happened while you were in school?

The most humorous thing that I witnessed while I was in high school is probably when students would flip the nozzles on the water fountains around and it would remain unfixed until a teacher or janitor were to use it and their khakis became soaking wet. Surprisingly enough it is a rather frequent occurrence, since every year the new class of 8th  graders discover it and realize they may have just discovered the new

“world’s greatest prank.” For the first few months, everyone uses the water fountains with caution.

What are your best memories of school?

Typically, the best memories of high school are formed senior year as students experience their last school dances, senior nights for sports, senior trips, award ceremonies, graduation, etc.; but obviously, the class of 2020’s senior year finished slightly  off from the normal. Even with a “ruined” senior year, I am still graduating with such an abundance of memories that I will forever remember. Whether it be spending Friday nights at football games in the fall and going out to eat afterwards, long bus rides to away games, celebrating with my teammates after winning lacrosse games, fighting for the spirit stick which we now own, or hanging out with friends at bonfires over the weekend. All of my high school memories have been spent with the people who I call my teammates and friends. Even with a disappointing conclusion to my senior year, I am still as happy and grateful for the memories I was able to form over my five years in the high school. Underclassmen, do not take your final few years of high school for granted because as many in my class will tell you, it can all be taken away at once without a moment’s notice.

What is a Fluco?

Whether you know it as a flying shoe or as a condensed form of “Fluvanna County,” I believe a “Fluco” is symbolic of the extended family-like community we live in. If you are currently attending the high school or not, Fluvanna County is home to some of the most resilient and united individuals I have ever met. During my tenure at E.W. Thomas, I noticed an abundant amount of Good Samaritan acts, such as fundraisers devoted towards those battling cancer or who had recently lost their homes, paying for someone’s order who was a few dollars short, offering employees masks to stay healthy, and donating to MACAA during the COVID-19 outbreak so they could financially afford food for those who may be living off little to no income. Those acts are what defines a Fluco. Selfless and caring acts are what defines the amazing community we live in and I am proud to say that I have been a part of something so special.

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