FCPS Calendar, Registration, Back to School, and Transition Questions

FCPS Calendar Questions:

1.  Where can we access the updated school calendar?

The calendar can be accessed on our website when the update is available.

2.  With the hybrid model, what will happen for the students when we have a day off during the week like a holiday or an inclement weather closing? 

The weekly schedule will remain the same, meaning there will not be specific teacher-directed in-person, remote or virtual learning on the given day off.  For example, the week of Labor Day, Monday is a holiday; therefore, “A “ students will return on Tuesday and “B” students will return on Thursday.

3.  If we have an inclement weather day,  would it be turned into a virtual learning day?

In the event that we have inclement weather days, virtual learning may be used as instruction on those days. This will be at the discretion of the Superintendent.

FCPS Registration Questions:

1.  How do I register my child to attend FCPS?

To register a student who is new to Fluvanna, go to http://fluco.org/registration/ to start the registration process.  To register a student who is entering Kindergarten please click the following link:  ***Click here to register a Kindergartener for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year***

2.  I have finished the online registration process, am I allowed to bring the required documents to the school?

Offices are open 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, please call ahead to make an appointment.  Masks are required to enter buildings.

West Central Primary School 434-510-1016
Central Elementary School 434-589-8318
Carysbrook Elementary School 434-842-1241
Fluvanna Middle School 434-510-1000
Fluvanna High School 434-589-3666

FCPS Back to School/Transitions:

1. My child is new to the school or struggles with transitions, will there be an opportunity to visit the school and meet the staff?

Yes, contact your child’s school to arrange an appointment, all participants on the tour must wear a mask.

2. When will teacher assignments and student schedules be released?

Our goal is to have revised schedules and assignments for distribution by November 2nd. 

3. How do we get supplies to the classrooms?

Students choosing the Hybrid Plan can bring necessary supplies on their first day of school.  Students will not be sharing supplies.