FCPS Childcare Questions


1.  Are there daycare options available locally?

In anticipation of the need for childcare, FCPS has teamed up with local agencies, child care centers, and the community to provide possible options for families.  Please see 2020 2021 Fluvanna Childcare Options, COVID-19 for a list of potential providers.

2.  Will the Extended Education Program at Central Elementary be open for Early Care and After Care? 

Our tentative plans include opening both Extended Education for After Care and Early Care in January 2021 for our community.

3.  Will there be busing options available for my child to get to and from my child’s daycare provider or after school program?

We are doing our very best to incorporate known daycares into our routes.

4.  I have heard the school system is offering childcare for FCPS staff children, why are you doing this for them, but not for everyone?  

The decision was made to do this, as it will help keep instructional staff in classrooms, reduce our substitute needs, and increase the availability of daycare slots in the community opening those up for our families.