FCPS Transportation Questions


1.  Will school transportation be available this year? 

FCPS transportation will be provided for all students attending in person who have indicated a need.

2.  Will the buses follow the typical schedules and routes? 

Transportation routes are currently being updated. They will be similar to past years.  

3.  When will we receive information about bus schedules and routes this year?

FCPS transportation routes and bus information will be provided prior to November 2. The information will be posted online at www.fluco.org  and the division’s Facebook page.

4.  Can my child ride a different bus in the morning than in the afternoon?

Yes, as long as it is part of their daily transportation plan.  Parents entered a transportation plan for the days their child attends in-person school when they completed the annual update.  Bus passes will not be allowed.

5.  Will my child’s daycare center be a pickup and drop off location?  

We are doing our very best to incorporate known daycares into our routes.

6.  Will we be allowed to have bus passes this year?  

Bus passes will not be issued due to the planning needs to ensure reduced capacity on our buses.

7.  What if I have an emergency?  

You will need to make arrangements to have someone pick up your child.

8.  Will the wearing of face coverings by students be required on transportation vehicles?  If so, will there be disciplinary consequences if they refuse to comply?  

Per FCPS guidelines, masks, face coverings, or face shields are required to be worn at all times on FCPS student transportation vehicles. Students failing to comply without sufficient medical or IEP documentation will not be allowed to ride school-provided transportation.  

9. Will FCPS Transportation pick up students at the bus stop if they don’t have a mask/forgot their mask?

Students need to wear masks at the bus stop and when entering school transportation vehicles.  Should a student forget a mask, one will be provided.  

10.  Will an activity bus be available for after-school activities?

Yes, if we are offering after-school activities.

11. What measures are in place to sanitize transportation vehicles?

All FCPS transportation staff will be provided with sanitation training.  FCPS buses and transportation vehicles will be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant after each run.