is a great resource to use both at home and at school.  It is an online reading comprehension assessment tool for students. It allows students to read narrative, informative, or informational literary passages and answer corresponding comprehension questions while tracking student performance and reporting progress to teachers and parents. It is free for all users.

Students should use Google to create a log-in if they haven’t created one yet. The first time students use the site, they will be prompted to take a pretest and complete one lesson. Parents and teachers can be added by clicking on the people icon on the upper left side of the page.

 ReadTheory assesses a student’s reading level and presents them with reading content based off of this performance. Be sure to click on the bar graph icon at the top of the page to access student performance data. If you click on the blue link for a completed quiz at the bottom of the data page, it will show your answers and a correct answer with explanations for any incorrect responses.