PRESS RELEASE – July 21, 2016

Fluvanna, VA — Heads up, Manny Scott is coming to town.

Millions of Americans first learned about Scott’s rise from a gang and drug-infested neighborhood of Long Beach through the hit MTV movie Freedom Writers starring Hilary Swank where he is represented, in part, through the character of “Marcus,” along with other students. Since the film’s release, Scott’s authentic and inspiring message of hope has galvanized almost one million educators, business leaders and community volunteers worldwide.

“Life at its best is about helping others make the most of their lives,” Scott says. “My life was changed because others took time to let me know they care, and I believe it is my duty to love and serve others in the same way, helping people turn the page in their lives from despair to hope, and from mediocrity to excellence.”

On August 5, he’s coming to Fluvanna for an event at Fluvanna County High School. We will also welcome educators from Cumberland and Goochland Counties.

“Each day is a page in our life’s story,” Scott says. “We hide those stories, maybe live in fear of others reading them. But seeing how much detail our stories share gives us license to close that chapter with control, not fear. Then we start a new chapter—and that transforms not just lives, but organizations, departments, classrooms, and schools.”

For anyone who plays a role in reaching the youth of Central Virginian, this event is an opportunity for revitalization and a chance to remember the zeal that first put you on a course to working with kids.

REACH THEM TO TEACH THEM is a non-profit organization comprised of community leaders, ministers, coaches, parents and many others united by the commitment to invest in future leaders of this world—children. Their goal is to prompt influencers to recognize and utilize their significant power to positively affect the lives of young people.

MANNY SCOTT’s story was over. He says, “When I was fourteen, I dropped out of high school. I was sitting on a park bench. Helpless, hurting, and hopeless, I was thinking about doing something that would have gotten me incarcerated or killed. The ending of my story seemed certain. But a total stranger sat down next to me, and inspired me to take a path in life down which very few people travel. From that moment, I began writing a new chapter in my life. And that has made all the difference.” His previous school performance landed Manny at the back of Erin Gruwell’s English class—a group now known worldwide as the original Freedom Writers and portrayed in the movie starring Hilary Swank. The former dropout now holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Trinity International University. He is working on his doctorate in Chicago. His appearances have energized members of the Department of Education, the National Education Association and hundreds of organizations and schools worldwide. He has appeared on Nightline and The View. Scott’s story captivates students, educators and business leaders alike, leaving in his wake a sea of individuals ready to turn the page and write a new chapter themselves. Learn more at

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