PRESS RELEASE – February 5, 2021

In an effort to provide data to our school community, Fluvanna County Public Schools has launched a COVID-19 Dashboard.  This dashboard will reflect the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases recorded each week.  This data is also reported by site.  An additional data element is the number of staff and students who have been quarantined due to possible COVID-19 exposure.  A link to the dashboard may be found on the Fluvanna County Public School’s COVID-19 webpage at:

The information reported includes only staff and students who are actively working or learning in person.  COVID-19 data is confirmed by a positive test result and in consultation with the Blue Ridge Health District (BRHD).

We encourage our community to continue with the mitigation procedures (masks, 6ft social distancing, and 15 minute time frame) along with monitoring for symptoms based on the VDH Evaluating Symptoms or Exposure protocols.

In addition to this dashboard, Fluvanna County Public Schools is also working in conjunction with the BRHD to offer vaccinations to our staff.

Additional questions regarding Fluvanna County Public Schools’ mitigation strategies and COVID-19 data may be directed to Don Stribling, Executive Director for Human Resources, Operations, and Student Services at

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